What we LOVE about Volunteers

love our volunteers

“Volunteers are the heart of Bend Area Habitat for Humanity and we could not serve the families without their continued support, dedication and hard work. They are absolutely amazing.” Brenda JacksonWe Love our Volunteers
“I love all our wonderful volunteers because could not do my job without them.” Chris Tyree
“I love volunteers because they are generous in nature. They see beyond themselves, and give their talent, time and energy to help Habitat fulfill our mission wholeheartedly.” Catalina Frank
“I had a t-shirt once that said the following on the back: ‘Those who can, do.  Those who can do more, volunteer.’ That’s why I love volunteering and why I love our volunteers, it’s the act of doing more for those around you and your community. Amber Morey
Volunteers are“I love volunteers because:
compassion is their motivation.
they have found the meaning of purpose and act on it, every day.
they are genuinely unselfish and go the extra mile to make a difference in our community.
and I love volunteers because they care.” Catalina Frank
“I love that Larry gets up and is a light every day for us! I love that Mary Barron is a bad mammajamma and I want to be like her! I love that Christine can handle the “honeys” and the “sweethearts” (inside joke)” DeeDee Johnson
“I love the positive energy our volunteers bring with them. I almost never see a frowning volunteer. Thank you for your support!” David PierceVolunteers have heart
“I love our volunteers because they are fun to be with, they can laugh at themselves and each other and they do whatever it takes to get the job done!” Jeannie Adkisson
I love all of the Habitat Volunteers because they know they are working for worthy cause and they can see the goal and are a part of making people’s dreams come true.  Chris Quam
I love working with the volunteers because they always have a great, positive energy and make work so much fun! Hannah Noss
I love the volunteers because they are awesome, they have big hearts and are giving their time for a good cause.  Really appreciate their time in serving our community. Ryan Burgett
I love all the different personalities of our volunteers, that they want to be here and that they are always having fun.  Very impressive how hard they all work. Dylan Walsh

Love the volunteers willingness to do whatever they need to do to get the job done with a good attitude and proper heart motivation. Cole Smith
I love the initiative the volunteers take to make sure job is done and done right helping the staff keep moving things forward. Donald Frank
I love how willing and helpful the volunteers are it is unbelievable how they give their time to others. Tony Maxwell
I love seeing the heart of so many to make a difference in the lives of others. Our volunteers seem to really get that they are impacting lives for generations to come- no matter how or where they are serving Bend Habitat. Stephanie Brusett