Volunteers are the Heartbeat of Habitat

Eldon & Adam Habitat for Humanity Volunteers

Meet Eldon Wilson & Adam Fullerton If you have been around the ReStore over the last 15 years you probably know both of these wonderful volunteers. Adam and Eldon are a great pair that embody the true spirit of Habitat; showing how we all can come together as a community to change lives! About 15 years ago, after retiring from the lumber industry, Eldon and his wife moved to Bend. He’s been volunteering with Bend Habitat ever since. He is one of the many wonderful people that give so much to Habitat year ‘round. However, this is a special time a year for Eldon as he is our Santa!  Every year he grows out his beautiful naturally white beard and puts on the jolly suit to bring joy to many young and old. Bring the kids to the ReStore on Saturday the 16th from 11 am -1 pm. for a visit! Eldon has wonderful Christmas stories and loves to entertain the kids when they come to see him.  One of his many talents is carving.  He generally has a small hand carved character or two that go along with his stories.  In addition to being Santa for us here at Habitat, he takes his Christmas joy to pre-schools, his church and even a chiropractor. When Eldon isn’t at Habitat he loves to carve. He and his wife Jane of 56 years own Hearts Desire Crafts. You can see them and their beautiful work at the Bend Saturday Market and several local Christmas Fairs. He would tell anyone thinking of volunteering for Bend Habitat to come give it a try. It’s invigorating, challenging, fulfilling, helps build confidence, and is especially great because it helps others in our community. Eldon finds volunteering to be fun! One day when was testing a motor scooter, it got away from him, bucked him off to everyone else’s amusement.  With a bit of a bruised ego and some scrapes and scratches he got up, brushed himself off, laughed at himself and chalked it up to another great day at the ReStore! Maybe the next time you are in the ReStore and have an extra minute, pop into receiving and ask him about getting shot, serving in the marines or working in the lumber/woodworking industry for many years.  If he has a minute to spare from all his lock-smith work, CUP or repair projects, being Santa or palling around with Adam, he’d be happy to tell you one of his great stories. Adam Fullerton and his family got involved with Habitat as they went through the homeownership program.  In fact, they still live in the house they purchased in 1996 and paid it off December of 2015!  He has been helping in the receiving department for more than 8 years now.  He is such a joy to have on our team.  Adam loves music and makes us smile with his antics and the way he looks for goodies.  He loves cookies, brownies, donuts, candy and pretty much anything that contains a lot of sugar. Adam also participates every year in the Special Olympics and is quite a competitor. He competes in downhill skiing, bowling and many other events.  He always comes back a winner, with ribbons to show and share with us. Adam and Eldon have become great friends over the years.  Eldon helps Adam communicate and they keep each other inline back in the receiving department.  Eldon likes to call Adam his sidekick! We thank both of you for your time, service, hard work and the joy that you bring to Habitat each and every week through your volunteering.  You are a true blessing to Bend Habitat![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]]]>