CUP Team

Creative Upcycled Projects CUP at ReStore Bend

Creative Upcycled Projects (CUP)

ReStore – the reuse revolution starts here!

up·cy·cle [uhp-sahy-kuhl]

verb: reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original

The CUP Team

The CUP Team is a group of carpenters, painters, and craftsmen who have had years of experience in their field.

Most important, they all have the gift of creativity and the desire to repurpose.  They are never afraid to try something new!

Please contact Brenda Jackson, Volunteer Coordinator, if you are interested in participating with the CUP team.

Sunriver Team & Customer | ReStore Bend Oregon

Shopping for DIY inspiration?

ReStore’s Facebook page is full of ideas and links to get you in the re-do mood.

Stop by our Pinterest Page for even more inspiration.

Check out ReStore’s CUP Team Transformations

Starting with broken, repeatedly discounted, or outdated ReStore merchandise, our CUP volunteers add paint, fabric, hardware, and so much more to produce fun and funky home furnishings and décor. Their creations are for sale at the store.