Celebrating Independence

Flag and Fireworks independence

th of July I did just that.  As I sat there thinking, I was struck by the realization that while Independence Day means something special to every American, our Habitat homeowners feel that meaning in an incredibly personal and tangible way. Freedom, independence, stability, security, hope and a future…those are the things that the 4th of July bring to mind, and those are the things our families feel profoundly when they get their very own homes. You see, before getting their own homes, the families we serve at Habitat are usually caught in a major struggle. Housing often eats 60%, 70%, or even 80% of their monthly income, leaving very little for even basic necessities. No savings, frequent moves, no stable relationships. Can you imagine how hard it is at birthdays and Christmas with no money for even small gifts for your children?  It’s tough. The good news is that homeownership can change all that.  No longer are they tied to the inevitability of rent increases by the whim of an uncaring landlord.  No longer do they have to move every year or two to try to make ends meet. No longer do their kids dread that next move to yet another school. Finally, they have the hope of breaking out of the shackles of poverty. And finally they have the hope of a bright future for their children. What we do at Habitat is very cool.  And you know what, it’s your partnership with us that makes it happen. The simple truth is that we couldn’t do it without you.  Together we change lives! I hope you have a fabulous time this July, and I hope your apple pies taste just a little sweeter knowing that you are making an incredible difference in the lives of so many! May you be blessed in all you do! Scott Rorher Executive Director]]>